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The most common size of rock aggregate for use in various construction applications is 3/8, also called the “crushed aggregate 3/8” gravel. Thanks to its flexibility and durability, it is very popular for the construction of houses, commercial or industrial buildings. crushed 3/8 aggregate is readily available and widely used to build projects in Dubai Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

What are the uses of crushed aggregate 3/8?

5 important uses of crushed aggregate 3/8

Concrete production from crushed aggregate 3/8

Concrete production is one of the main uses for crushed aggregate 3/8. This mixture is often mixed with cement, sand, and water to form a solid as well as resilient Concrete Mix. With a small size, the aggregates are able to fill gaps between larger particles which allow for stability and strength in concrete structures. This means that this product is suitable for a wide range of applications, e.g. foundations, parking areas, sidewalks, and roads.

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Using crushed 3/8 aggregates to produce asphalt

In asphalt production, crushed 3/8 aggregates are also used to a large extent. To produce asphalt concrete which is used for the laying of roads, parking lots, and other paved areas it is mixed with Bitumen. Excellent stability and resistance to wear and tear are provided by the angular shape and compact nature of the aggregate. Furthermore, it allows water to flow freely over the surface of the roads and thus helps in improving road drainage.

Other uses of Crushed aggregates 3/8

Crushed aggregates 3/8 are also used for a variety of construction applications besides their application in the manufacture of concrete and asphalt. In Landscaping Projects, such as patios and pathways, this material may be used as a base layer for pavers or bricks. The low density of the aggregate allows easy leveling and compaction during installation.

Using crushed 3/8 aggregates to drainage material

In addition, Crushed aggregate 3/8 can also be used as a drainage material. Its angular shape allows water to flow through it easily while preventing soil erosion or clogging of drains. This makes it suitable for French drains, septic systems, or any other application where effective drainage is required.

The abundance of crushed aggregate 3.8 in the Dubai-Sharjah area

There is an abundance of crushed aggregate 3/8 available in the Dubai-Sharjah region. To satisfy the demands of the construction sector, a number of quarries and suppliers are available to supply high-quality crushed aggregate 3/8. These providers make sure that any impurities and dust particles are removed from the aggregate by proper crushing, screening, or washing.

Important points when purchasing

Factors like the quality, price, or delivery option must be taken into consideration when purchasing Crushed Aggregate 3/8 in Dubai Sharjah.

uses of crushed aggregate 3/8

Benefits of buying from Meeras

Meeras is a supplier who is able to provide the aggregate in a consistent and timely manner. the Meeras applies sustainable practices in quarries as well as production with a view to minimizing environmental impact.
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For all the reasons set out above, crushing 3/8 aggregates is a highly flexible and durable material used on construction projects throughout Dubai Sharjah. It is applied in a range of areas such as the production of concrete, asphalt paving, landscape, and drainage systems. The fact that it is possible to complete construction projects in an efficient and effective manner thanks to the availability of high-quality 3/8 asphalt aggregates from a variety of suppliers. By selecting a reliable supplier such as Meeras that takes sustainability into account, one can help to improve environmentally friendly building practices throughout the region.

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